Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Chameleon

Occasionally, we are graced by the presence of this fascinating creature. Like yesterday. We spent quite a while just marveling at his slow, deliberate movements and his...green-ness?

There was a little bit of touching, but mostly just lots of looking.

It's the little things that make some of the most wonderful moments.


Rachel said...

Oh you are brave.....verrrrry brave. I am terrified of reptiles and most amphibians and well, pretty much anything creepy crawly.

My Levi goes around the house saying over and over, Mom doesn't like reptiles! Mom doesn't like reptiles!

Guess I've said it more than once 'round here..... :D

thezsfamily said...


It's hard to live here well if you are terrified of reptiles, but i do put my foot down when it comes to snakes. There are no snakes that I know of that AREN'T poisonous here.
But chameleons are harmless and fascinating, really!
Spiders and cockroaches are more of my "problem spots." :)

W-S Wanderings said...

So very spectacular! I have great (from a distance) affection for lizards. LOVE them.

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