Thursday, April 7, 2011

Painting to soothe the soul

I've seen better days.
Today did not find me at my finest, nor did circumstances encourage me out of my lowly state.
But even on a day like today, sunlight shines through.
Today the glimmer of light was a chance to sit down and paint in the company of a candle and a good song and nothing (and no one) else.
The kids had already painted (we paint every Thursday), and I had helped A.J. play with a little color. When they all left to play outside, I slipped into the chair and painted.
I should have been cooking.
But playing with that paint healed the little pains and regrets of the day.

Moses, our 14 year old "son" sat down and painted too. I don't think he had ever painted before. He was so quiet and contemplative and content for quite a while.

Wet-on-wet water coloring is a beautiful thing. There truly is something healing about it, and no matter how novice you are at painting, something beautiful seems to emerge from the paper.

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