Tuesday, April 5, 2011

How We Live: Power

To continue the series How We Live, you might (or might not) wonder just how we power our house and appliances.

Solar. Well, mostly. We are hooked up to Ugandan electricity, which powers our teeny tiny (think college dorm size) fridge and charges our solar batteries on occasion.

But solar powers our lights and sockets, and we have a wonderfully large solar freezer (which has been one of the best purchases we have made since living here!). When town is faaaaaaaaaaaar away and shopping for anything beyond beans, salt, and basic fruits/veggies happens only once a month (or so), you really come to appreciate space to stock up and even preserve our own harvests of anything from bananas to carrots and french beans. And Shawn loves ice. We lived without it for so long that I rarely think to use it now. He, on the other hand, relishes it every day. He says it really lessens the "sacrifices" of living in the bush! I think that's a bit dramatic :).

So, here are our blessed panels, basking in today's morning sun:

It is rainy season right now, so some days the solar batteries are quite low. We turn off the freezer at night and even (gasp!) go without the computer for a bit. Rain storms also have a bad habit of knocking down power lines, so we're often without Ugandan electricity while simultaneously low on solar power. *Sigh* Like right now. We've been without Ugandan electricity for at least 5 days....you lose count after a while. So we're thankful for the rain AND the sun right now! 

"Oh the Lord's been good to me, and so I thank the Lord for giving me the things I need: the sun and the rain and the appleseed!" We often sing this at lunch, and trust me: we mean every word! 


Matt & Wanda said...

I am going to have to sneak some of that ice next summer when we are over. That or figure out some way to have my own!! But i'm sure i'll just come steal yours. :) (Matt)

erinleee said...

sounds great. I just found your blog and am really loving a glimpse into this world!
we lived in "the bush" with no electricity/plumbing and loved it. i miss it now!

thezsfamily said...

Matt, you'll just have to buy your own ice tray and keep it in our freezer :)

Erinleee, where did you live in "the bush"? we lived without plumbing for 6 months, but we've always had some form of power (though we've gone weeks without it, of course!). Welcome, by the way :)

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