Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Stage of Life Called Poop

I have heard about this stage, when it seems the days revolve around all things related to poop. Well, I think we are there! One of my daily highlights is when I see that smelly blob in the blue plastic potty (it means one less dirty diaper!). Ava screams and claps her hands and shouts, “Yay! POOPOO” when we discover her potty nugget. I have to say her enthusiasm inspires me ☺. With Tai, I get excited every time I don’t see poop, because he had diarrhea for so long…. I am tired of scrutinizing his diapers for color, consistency and smell! The fact that we use cloth diapers and wash them by hand probably adds to the “severity” of this stage: Every dirty diaper must go through a strict regimen to alleviate the…nasty-ness…for the dear lady who washes them. Poop, poop, it’s all about poop.
The other day Ava was eating groundnuts (peanuts) with our workers at break-time. I wasn’t monitoring her, but according to what I saw—and smelled—that evening, she apparently didn’t chew very well! When I took her off the potty, it smelled like peanut butter! I will spare you the details of what it looked like ☺. Yes, I know, this stage too shall pass! In the meantime, I will enjoy Ava’s potty chatter and singing, and my nose will be grateful Tai is not yet eating solids.

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Jolynn Zimmerman said...

Dear Courtney! I hope and pray the curtain drops soon on this scene of life for you. Count your blessings! :-)

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