Saturday, May 17, 2008

Oink Oink

Last week Shawn visited several farms to scout out where to purchase pigs for Enterprise Farm. He left before any of us were awake. I had asked him to let me know when he was on his way home, so around 4pm I received a text: “We are bringing home two pigs in our car J.” It had been a particularly long day for me with the kids, and we were out on a walk because I needed some fresh air, when the text came through. The timing was perfect! When I felt like crying, I was able to laugh instead—pigs in our vehicle?! I could just picture it: Shawn, Paul and Frank trying to carry on a conversation over the relentless oinking coming from the back seat! Thankfully, Shawn had the pigs put in bags tied at their necks to keep them from defecating all over the place, but that only added to the ridiculousness of the picture in my mind: Two pigs in bags with their heads sticking out, oinking in the back seat.

Oh, but it only gets better! I found out later that on their way home, Shawn almost broadsided a leaping cow! While trying to avoid hitting a man on a bicycle on one side and an on-coming car on the other, a cow decided to try to leap over the near by embankment. Had it not been for the rope attaching him to a tree, which yanked him away from completing his leap, the cow would have become an instant hood ornament. Good for him, he instead suffered only from a severe case of whiplash! What a day.

These are the kind of stories I look forward to hearing more of—the kind of stories that could brighten even the hardest day. Oh, I have stories of my own, but true to the nature of stories, they’re usually a lot funnier in the telling than in the experiencing. So I’m glad Shawn will have stories of his own—stories that involve animals and cultural miscommunications and driving and things like that; stories that I get the privilege of hearing and not necessarily experiencing.

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Jerome & Crysti said...

I'm so glad you update your blog! It's so great to be able to hear from you. I'm glad everything is going so well (apart from the letter about poor Tai). Love you guys!

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