Monday, June 2, 2008


It’s a formal term, and it’s a formal event! In Uganda, an introduction relates to the formal introducing of the groom and his family to the bride and her family. Years ago, it was actually the first meeting. Today, it is a rich tradition valued just as highly as the wedding itself. On Saturday, we experienced our first Introduction! Our dear friend Florence Mutesi is getting married this coming Saturday, and we were privileged to be invited to her introduction in Jinja. We dressed in formal Ugandan attire: a gomas for me, and a konzu for Shawn. If I’m completely honest, I’d have to admit that the gomas is not my favorite African dress, but that’s because I’ve never been one for poofy sleeves! And my very non-African backside does not keep the large belt up very well. But just when I feel rather awkward in my outfit, I look at Shawn in his “dress” and suit coat…and suddenly I don’t feel quite as silly!
Considering the event was almost 3 hours away and lasted 4 ½ hours, I’d say Tai and Ava were the troopers of the day! And I give Shawn an “honorable mention” for surviving the occasion without passing out in the heat! Not only was he wearing a suit (plus a konzu), but, to top if off, Ava took a nice long, sweaty nap on top of him. Of course I had to nurse Tai in a bulky dress in the heat…not enjoyable either!
We were glad we could be there to support Florence and Godfrey and to experience such a wonderful Ugandan tradition. And we are glad for a day of rest today!


Anonymous said...

Cort, I hope that you have some pictures of your man in his glorious attire because I need to see them. A Big thank you aswell for all the Info about Uganda. I rocked an A on the paper and gave a presentation on the LRA and orphans in Uganda. Thanks again for all you help and remember to post any pics of Shawn in his "dress". I will be forever grateful. Give the kids a squeeze from the Ringlers.

Anonymous said...

Dear Courtney & Swan:
We can't wait to see the album with you both in your formal Ugandan attire.
We enjoy very much reading your blog and the stories of your special daily live in Africa.
Warm regards,
Hannes & Connie

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