Thursday, August 4, 2011

Harvest Week!

Though the farm workers are still harvesting maize, last week was our official harvest week where all staff and kids come out to help. My primary job for at least one of the days is that of photographer. I don't mind :)

my favorite part of the harvest... the farmer :)

And of course there's the traditional "youngest harvester" photo

my favorite outfit of the day...

As harvesters filled up these sacks of maize, farm workers collected them and put them in the trailer pulled by the tractor

Lovely Farm cooks roasting maize for hungry harvesters

Can you tell our soils need a little work? Maize size is a bit...inconsistent! 

Little harvesters taking a break for pancakes (I've learned the hard way that being fully stocked is CRUCIAL to a happy harvest day!)

Later in the day, the students began to gravitate down to the fish ponds. They were curious to see our integrated method. Several girls waded out to see the new fingerlings that were adjusting to their new environment in one of the ponds.

They found the hatchery fascinating.

As EXCITED as I am to be in the States for several months, I will miss this farm and these kids. 

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Wanda said...

Another great post! You all sure are busy wrapping up everything before your trip stateside! Tell Shawn if he misses his farm too much he can some work in my garden!! :)

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