Friday, July 22, 2011

Friday Face Paint Fun!

This is what I end up doing when I'm not quite sure what to do with my time:

He's a night sky!

They're a lion and a zebra (that's what they're supposed to be). Tai's "ponytail" was just me trying to get the hair out of his face, but you have to admit it's quite hilarious.

The jobs I had planned for the day were completed way too quickly, and soon I was sitting around with a cup of tea and a big chunk of free time. 
So out came the face paints. That's a natural response to unexpected free time, right?
There is a beautiful pink flower running around somewhere too, but she escaped my cameral lense.

Then, to complete this wonderful whim, Adrianne and I gave free creative license to each other...and this is what resulted from that:

Adrianne attempted a sunrise on my face...what do you think? :)

Actually, it was more like this...

We laughed a lot today. Those days are so much fun, aren't they? 

Hoping you'll have a laughing-til-your-belly-hurts kind of moment today!


//nancy said...


the blonde tai ponytail is KILLING ME. :D so great.

Rachel said...

How fun!! My little ones love having their faces painted but I usually don't think of it unless it is a party of some sort..... fun to do it just because!

I love the laughter part. That is my favorite part and such a cute photo of you two.

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