Friday, March 25, 2011

Farm Friday in Uganda

Did you know we have fishponds?

Did you know we're in the middle of a huge remodel/expansion of our fishponds?

We do. We are. 

As of right now, all there is to see is men at work, digging from early morning through evening. They've begun the project by expanding our largest pond:

This unfinished pond is getting some quality use as it awaits its remodel:

So here's the plan: 4 ponds.

Pond #1: fish feed on scraps from the farm's vegetable gardens

Pond #2: fish feed on rice that grows in the pond

Pond #3: fish feed on chicken manure from the chicken coop that will be suspended above the pond

Pond #4: fish feed on cow manure from zero-graze organically fed cow that will live just beside the pond

Around the largest pond, we are planting papaya and and macadamia trees. Sloping down the banks on either side will be vegetables.

So that's what's happening... if you're curious as to what else is going on, see this post from earlier this week.


marcia at Child in Harmony said...

Love the plans you have. love the pictures.

happy day!

thezsfamily said...

Thanks Marcia! We are excited... will post updated photos as progress is made.

earthboysblog said...

How interesting that you have a farm in Uganda.. We also have papaya and macadamia.. I wonder if our climates are similar. An interesting life for your little ones. I am from Zimbabwe but live in the Dominican Rep.

Matt & Wanda said...

It is so amazing to see the progress that has been made since the beginning of the year! I enjoy seeing the pictures, and it is great to be able to envision it in my mind since we were fortunate enough to see it first hand!

thezsfamily said...

earthboysblog, my guess is that our climate are very similar! have you had success with your macadamia? we have never tried planting them before.

wanda, the progress IS phenomenal, isn't it?!

W-S Wanderings said...

Fishponds! I LOVE what you're doing with them, and will follow their development with interest. We have a pond further back on the land, that we have plans for. Eventually. Way down the To-Do list actually. For now, it is being held as a distant dream.

Now I'm gonna go check out what else you industrious folks have been up to.

Many thanks for sharing the marvels of your farm. And life.

thezsfamily said...

Wabi Sabi: distant dreams are important for the soul :) we have many!

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