Saturday, January 29, 2011


The other day I wrote an email to a longtime friend. Among other things, it was about "us." So feel privileged. I'm allowing you to "eavesdrop" on personal information! :) 
Excerpt from said email:

Us. We're fully engaged in life here, that's for sure! I start teaching Literature again next week. I'm excited and a bit stressed. I've been trying to decide whether or not this teaching position is flexible enough to do as a mom (not to mention I've always been a terrible multi-tasker). For this year, I'm teaching. The years after that, though, are decidedly undecided.
With the tractor now here, shawn is on cloud nine. Farm stuff is moving moving, changing changing, and that is the way he likes it! He's a visionary, and he's a do-er. If there's nothing to envision or nothing to do, he's not happy. Right now he is able to be both, which equals a happy camper.
Kids. Hilarious. They are hilarious. They can drive me crazy, and they can get shawn and I laughing so hard we cry. Sometimes they can make me do both in the same breath. Motherhood is (among other things) an exercise to strengthen your emotional health. Some days leave you pretty dang sore, too! Especially this introverted ponderer. But the moment I try to imagine my life without these energetic, needy, ever-talking munchkins, all I can see is fluff. And an arrogant me who thinks i've got it all figured out :) Thank God for people, however big or small or young or old, who remind us that WE DO NOT have it figured out. They also remind us that none of us do, so relax or die of stress (or something)!
So that's us! Life is quite active lately, and I'm trying to figure out how to slow it down a bit. 
What about you?

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