Saturday, January 29, 2011

Frozen and Parched

For many of you, the land beneath your feet is frozen seemingly to its core. I remember those conditions. I had a crazy running partner in college (Amy, I love you!), who hated the treadmill so much that she convinced me to run outside, even in -14 degrees (F). We had to wrap scarves around our mouths to keep the cold air from burning our lungs. Our eyelashes were inevitably caked with ice crystals upon our return. I remember what it's like to live upon a frozen land, where darkness is always near.
For us, the land beneath our feet is dry, cracked, parched. Our feet are as well. The winds bring little relief, only dust...and more hot air. Many of our trees have lost their leaves. Seed pods swirl in the sky. Fires are dangerous.
We both long for spring: You long for the earth to melt and allow life to break through. We long for the rains to penetrate the ground and reawaken the dormant life within. This is a time of waiting. May we wait with hope and patience and peace. May our own lives not reflect the bareness of the land; instead, may Life thrive within us. Even in times like these, the River of Life flows endlessly.

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