Sunday, June 19, 2011

Farm Friday: We're Going on a BEE Hunt!

I know it's Sunday...not Friday. I'll blame it on Blogger. Below is the post I began on Thursday! Grrr.


So very sorry for my prolonged absence! Two things account for this: we currently have 3 people sharing one computer (Adrianne's computer decided to catch up on sleep after all those university all-nighters), and I am already preparing the house for our 5-month home assignment in the States. August is really close, folks!

 But I'm "here" for this moment, so without further ado, my Farm Friday:

Recently Shawn took us to see the farm's four bee hives. It took us off the beaten path.

The older two found the "jungle walk" exciting. A.J. couldn't walk far without tripping over vines or a branch, so he quickly chose Mama's arms. When we made it to the hives, we watched for a while in silence.

This photo is blurry, but I love it! Papa with his babes.

One of the hives had been abandoned, and we discovered some old beeswax.

And then we adventured back through the "jungle." The children were awed by the beauty and fairy tale  mood of it all.


The Zs

1 comment:

W-S Wanderings said...

There is a palpable quality to your photos that makes me feel like I am RIGHT THERE, observing the goings on right along with you. I just LOVE your photos!

My love must check our beehives this weekend. There IS activity,so we are hopeful that all is well.

And boy, do I ever know what you mean about a computer being in high demand. Between my husband's business use of our laptop,and Eldest doing her math course online, I am left last in line, which means no blogging for me! Which means I didn't get a Farm Friday post done either. Maybe I'll get FF on Sunday published...

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