Friday, May 27, 2011

Farm Friday: Ants and Interns

Ants are fascinating critters. Their homes are filled with intricate passageways that make beautiful formations in wood and dirt. Today Tai discovered a chunk of dried dirt that had been broken off an ant hill.

We passed it around, looked it over,  and squeezed our fingers into its holes. Then, after we had finished our examination, it was magically transformed into...something. I'm really not sure what it became, but it needed to be launched as high and far as possible so that we could watch it smash into little pieces upon its contact with the ground. So much for taking it home (which was our original idea).

So now I'm switching topics. I need to introduce you to a young lady who has been with us for a little over a week now: Adrianne.

Adrianne stayed with us for two months during the summer of 2008. She was a (very mature) 17-year-old at the time. Now she is one year away from completing her undergrad studies in international agronomy. With a concentration in sustainable agriculture, Shawn bounced on the opportunity to have her as an intern for the summer. 

The first week did not go quite according to plan. In typical Adrianne fashion, she wanted to dive right in. Instead, she spent much of the first week in Kampala sorting out the ramifications of a stolen purse and going to the doctor for help with a neck that decided it was tired of all her traveling. Adrianne has a strong will, and apparently so does her neck. 

After much coaxing through warm compresses, light massages, and a few special tablets, the neck has agreed to move the head once again. How kind. 

So, a week-and-a-half later, she is at last ready and able to dive in to her "intern work." Now, if you see her in blog posts in the future, you know who she is. And now perhaps you understand my blog hiatus a bit more. :)

Happy Weekending!


Rachel said...

Arrrgh! Having your purse stolen just turns everything upside down! The work of trying to call the credit card companies, banks, etc. Drivers lisences..... passport...... what a mess.

That ant home is cool! I can understand it getting thrown in the air and smashed to smithereens. My two youngest boys were doing much the same this morning with a baseball bat and plasic container they'd filled with plastic balls.......

W-S Wanderings said...

That ant house is incredible. And so is the photo. Such beautiful blue eyes your little fella has.

I also hear ya on the objects sailing through the air. Just yesterday I was in the garden, dodging dirt bombs that Youngest Son was launching. I distractedly told him to focus his bomb attack elsewhere. And then had to go rescue the chickens from the ensuing dirt bombs.

And, yes, what a ridiculous nightmare the stolen purse and ailing neck would create. I am pleased to hear that she is on the mend.

thezsfamily said...

Rachel and W-S, it really is amazing how important it is for little boys to witness their own power to destruct! My husband says boys have great power to create, but first they discover their destroying powers. Sometimes I'm more than ready for the creating drive to take over!

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