Saturday, April 16, 2011

Little Town

We live 3 kilometers outside of "town." Town looks like this:

Kiwoko is quite a happenin' place :)

Sorry for the window reflection...I took these photos from the car. See the truck piled high with people? There are cattle in there too. 

Between our town and Kampala (the capital), it's pretty much just a lot of this:

2 hours of this, with a few other "happenin' towns" here and there. Oh, and the road does become tarmac  eventually. 


sarah in the woods said...

Just found your blog through the farm friday link. Beautiful, beautiful!

thezsfamily said...

Sarah, thank you! I hope you come again :)

W-S Wanderings said...

A thriving metropolis -- that's what I refer to our wee town as. There was much excitement when the town finally got cell phone service (sometimes), a couple of years ago. But I must say, our town has more street lights. And paved roads.

I LOVE seeing YOUR world. It's transportive. And makes me grumble less about our pot-hole ridden paved highways.

Rachel said...

LOL! I think that would be one town The SM wouldn't mind me going shopping in.

I remember growing up riding down the washboard dirt roads. Mom would take it slow, my teenage siblings swore it was better if you floored it and just bounced over the tops of the wash board. I just remember it was painful no matter who was driving. Painful and dusty!

thezsfamily said...

W-S: HA! I love it: "A thriving metropolis." As for street lights...yeah, nope. I'm not sure they would do much good, especially since power isn't on very often. We can grumble about pot-hole ridden paved roads too. In Kampala (capital city) they stick upright car tires in potholes to keep you from driving in them.

Rachel: You're right--not many temptations to spend money! :) And the roads can get really terrible during rainy season. Painful (for car and passengers).

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