Saturday, April 16, 2011

Farm Friday in Uganda: Our very own Ferdinand

We have a new mama on our hands! And a new baby.

When we found out our new calf was a bull, naming him was simple: Of course, he was our Ferdinand!  Munro Leaf's delightful flower-loving bull will now graze happily in our paddocks without any fear of being sent off to the bull fights :)

Unfortunately, he was born in the night, so we weren't able to be there for his birth. But the children truly are in love.

I am thankful little Ferdinand has plenty of lush green grass to play very glad that "inevitable" drought never mounted to much! 

 Hope you enjoy a beautiful weekend!


W-S Wanderings said...

Oh-so beautiful. I LOVED watching the cows and their calves when we used to have cattle in our fields. Watching the calves scamper about was so uplifting. Sigh. Thank you for sharing such wonderful moments through your gorgeous images.


thezsfamily said...

It is fun... I'm excited for calf #2 to come soon! As much as I like Ferdinand, I do hope this one is a girl (since we're trying to grow a dairy operation)!

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