Monday, March 24, 2008

Thoughts on our Ava Reunion

As we sat on the porch, we enjoyed the coolness of the morning and the quiet of an empty guesthouse. But our stomaches were anything but cool and calm! Robin had just texted us saying they would be arriving any minute. For so many months Ava had been growing up miles away from us, with no idea of how much we loved her and missed her. We knew she wouldn't remember us. But we were eager to begin the journey of conveying our love for her and of gaining hers in return.

36 hours later, we are left without Ava once again, but we witnessed steps in that journey even in those few precious hours. When she first arrived, Ava cried when Shawn held her! That was hard, especially because 8 months ago, if anything, she preferred him. She wasn't too sure about me either. It's not easy when the little girl who used to squeel with delight upon your arrival eyes you cautiously like a stranger. But we pressed on. We kept holding her and hugging her, as we will continue to do! By the time she left, Ava went to Shawn willingly and returned our smiles.

Baby steps. Priceless steps. Our little girl's steps. And the journey has begun!

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