Thursday, March 20, 2008

Mr. Mousey

Meet Mr. Mousey. He's a strange critter: part mouse, part
flying squirrel, he has the face of a cartoon character 
and the body of a posh dusting rag... with four legs and 
a tail. And since we began our travels, he has been Tai's 
preferred entertainment. Tai laughs every time he uses 
his newly-discovered grasping abilities to pull Mr. Mousey 
to his face, and Mr. Mousey's nose rarely escapes a lick 
from Tai's over-active tongue. Poor Mr. Mousey! I have no 
doubts his abuse has just begun.


Jerome & Crysti said...

I'm so glad the internet was invented! It's lovely to be able to keep in-the-loop with the lives of your adorable family.

ruth ann said...

Hi Tai, You are so cute. We miss you around the house. Sheena said the house is too quiet. So happy to hear that Tai enjoyed his flight.
Love you all
Nana. Pappy and Sheena

Anonymous said...

Keep the photos coming...a great way to start each morning.
Love Pops

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