Saturday, June 4, 2011

Farm Friday: Tree-Ripened Mangoes

We've been collecting bins of ripe mangoes almost daily! Even so, we have a hard time keeping up with the demand. Mangoes are one of the most beloved fruits here, but rarely are they allowed to mature to this point. Most school children are experts at throwing stones into large mango trees in order to knock down a still-green mango for an after school snack. We have to guard our mango trees diligently to prevent their premature pickings.

Our children have learned to eat mangoes both ways: hard and green, and soft and orange. They prefer to eat them whole, with their hands, but too often I cringe at the thought of the third outfit of the day being dirtied, and I cut them into fork-sized pieces. But AJ usually ends up eating his after-nap mango in his undies anyway.

I know, how much better this photo would have been if I had let loose and given him the whole juicy mango! 
Speaking of which, I want to say Yes more. Yes to the messy mangoes and "help" with the washing and "craft projects" and sofa transformations. I rarely regret my Yeses. My yeses often leave me laughing and thankful for these little ones. 
So this week I'm saying Yes to slimy orange fingers...and faces...and even the third dirty outfit of the day. When I do, I'll be sure to take a picture :)
What are you going to say yes to?


James said...

Man, I really miss ripe mangoes!

Can you send a box to Giant Eagle?

Kathryn Ray said...

Oh mangos... by far my favorite fruit. Ever since I visited India a few years ago, I'm in a continual search for the perfect mango. Unfortunately, they don't grow here in Colorado.

W-S Wanderings said...

Mangoes, you have mangoes! Of COURSE you have mangoes, lucky family! And that you have to protect them from the school children pleases me, for some reason. I suppose because it is one of those images of childhood that seems universal - mangoes in Africa, apples in Canada.

The photo of your son is GORGEOUS. Love, love, love it. For the days that you just can't bear yet another outfit change, just think of it as helping develop his fine motor skills. And I look forward to the beautiful photos I suspect you will capture on those messy laughter-filled Yes days :-)

thezsfamily said...

Kathryn, as a Colorado native myself, I understand the mango dilemma. There are MANY fruits I don't even bother eating when we're back in the States for a visit: mangoes and bananas are a couple of them. But, i devour locally grown peaches, apples, and berries!

W-S, I like that--I'm helping their motor skills :)

sarah in the woods said...

My mouth is watering - those mangoes look delicious!

Kathryn Ray said...

ahh, the peaches. :-)

I'm happy to know you're from Colorado as well and happy to have found your blog. :-)

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