Friday, March 4, 2011

Farm Friday in Uganda

I write this Farm Friday from a place of determined joy. There is beauty everywhere, always, and I am thirsty. Thirsty for joy and beauty and grace and thanksgiving, and I will find it, and I will give it.

It's no secret that it's hot here. This sun that so faithfully rises every morning is also radiating relentlessly. 

We were told this week by the government of Uganda that it is crucial we all conserve. Conserve water, conserve food. 

We are preparing for drought and famine in the land. 

It's been confirmed by the WFP, World Bank, and someone else very important. Our farm seems to be mentioning it too.

Well now. How do we, farmers who provide food for over 500 orphaned children, take this news?

Yeah. It's tough. 

But I have learned, I have seen, that there is always. Always. reason to give thanks. Even in this dry and weary land.

So how will I respond? With thankfulness that soars above this land and these times

With joy that feels the dusty earth and knows with certainty that rain will come, and today I can smile and enjoy life.

I will sing a song of praise, even today...most crucially today. For,

"One act of thanksgiving,
when things go wrong with us,
is worth a thousand thanks when things
are agreeable to our inclinations."
~St. John of Avila~

I know this Farm Friday is not quite in line with its typical feeling and mood, but I realized that anyone who understands farm life understands that every farm experiences hard times and hard seasons. To not share in these times too would take away from the fullness of it all.


W-S Wanderings said...

Farm life is a microcosm of Life itself, harsh seasons and gentle ones. You have captured the realities of this so beautifully in your words and photos. Many thanks for sharing a snapshot of your world, in all of its colours.
For sharing your "determined joy".

Wishing your land gentle life-giving rains...

K said...

Your courage lends me some, too. All I can do is pray for rain in Uganda, but I can do that. Five hundred children. I am in awe. And it is true, our gratitude in trial says a great deal. Although, the person who stops in the middle of busy-plenty? That person also has courage -

thezsfamily said...

W-S, Yes indeed, farm life is a microcosom of Life itself! SO true.

K, Wow, thank you! Thanks for your words of encouragement and for your prayers. And you are right: courage can show itself in so many different places and ways!

To both of you (and others!), how beautiful is this: the past two days--the two days following this post--it has RAINED! Oh, beautiful rain... this is going to require a post unto itself. But right now, I am reveling in the moment, trying to soak up every last drop.

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