Monday, October 18, 2010

Baby Reunion

Reunions. How do you feel about them? Most people have a strong opinion, as do I... I love them! Some of my favorite memories growing up are from family reunions in Yosemite National Park at the historic Wawona Hotel. I remember long hikes beneath the giant Redwoods and in the shadow of massive waterfalls; I remember Happy Hour laughter on the wide verandas, beneath the climbing vines on overhead trellises; I remember cookouts, early morning runs on the golf course, square dances, checkers, and frequent trips to the convenience store for necessities like baseball cards and gum. It was a week of not feeling like an only child!

Ava and I went to a reunion this weekend. Of a different kind. It was a Hope House reunion for all the children/babies that have lived in the baby house. Since so many of Ava's friends happen to be former baby house-ers as well, to her it was a chance to play! Ava walks over to the baby house at least once a week anyway, and she and Silas like to talk about how they shared a bed once-upon-a-time, so there was nothing strange or scary about this gathering. We hope she continues to see all this simply as part of her story, her beautiful story.

Here's the crowd that gathered. It's definitely not all of "us," but it sure was a lot of us!
Former + current babies; mothers/fathers/caregivers. Can you find Ava (I'm a bit obvious)?

Another memorable reunion! We are blessed to know Ava was loved and cared for even before she was OURS. Thank You, Hope House!

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