Tuesday, September 28, 2010


I mentioned yesterday that I would post more photos from our family fun Sunday evening, so here they are:

The crew, minus moi.

Did you notice something odd about that photo? Let me help you zero in on it:

Tai has enthusiastically embraced his new identity as a scary lion!
Shawn picked up the mask at one of the many Indian-owned supermarkets in Kampala. Personally, I think it's down-right ugly.

But the little boy behind the mask wears it until he has scraped up both knees from tripping over things he can't see. Then it comes off for a few hours.

The not-so-scary participants in the evening:

Person one: our eager hot-dog-eater

Persons 2 and 3: Hot dog cooker and the little roamer

I really can't remember the last time I roasted hot dogs, and I definitely don't remembering them tasting so good. I think it was the fun that really gave these hot dogs their flavor! How else could something so disgusting taste anything other than... disgusting?!

It was hard to convince everyone--including myself--that it was time to go inside. Campfire ring, you are awesome :)

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