Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Family Weekend

Our ministry has a 1,000 acre camp along Lake Victoria. Shawn and I had been there once before with our family group, but our children had never been. When our "son" Moses kept asking about it, we decided to take a weekend and go!

We took walks, enjoyed a giant swing, built a (very) small campfire, and had a few hot showers! Most meals were cooked for us, and we stayed in one of the staff houses rather than a tent. Doesn't quite sound like camping, does it?! Ah, but it was wonderful. Moses even got to go fishing!

It is incredibly peaceful there. At night, you look out into the black expanse and see lights speckled across--a mingling of stars and fishing boats.

even fun family weekends aren't tear-free!

 you can give a boy a thousand toys, but they always go back to their sticks--especially this boy!

As always, it's good to be home! That's the perfect getaway, though, right? One you thoroughly enjoy yet still look forward to home? And so, back here at home we continue to make memories.


a soulful life said...

"you can give a boy a thousand toys, but they always go back to their sticks"
My girls are all tomboys so I relate to this :)
All these pictures are so beautiful and full of atmostphere.
...and yes there are always tears, even in the middle of happy moments, I get that too :)
Looks like you made some beautiful memories.

emily wierenga said...

i am so glad to have found your blog... what incredible photos... such love in them. such beauty. i'm so glad you commented on my post so i could find you here. look forward to getting to know you better, friend. blessings, e.

Troy, Sarah, Taylor, Trevor, Tobyn said...

Hey there, send greeting to Shawn and the family and thanks for keeping up the blog. One of the last things we saw before we left was the cocoa pods growing by your house and I was wishing they were ripe. Trust all is well,

Dolge family
NHICF 2011

Unknown said...

Court- your and Shawn's photography inspires me!! I love it. I miss you dearly, friend! Who takes most of the photos for your blog?

Jessica said...

Court! Your and Shawn's photography inspires me. You capture your family and experiences so beautifully. Who takes most of the photos that you post? I love you and miss you!

Jess and Eman said...

Thanks for the beautiful photos! We are sitting in our kitchen in Guatemala looking at them. Makes me feel like we are closer than we really are. : ) Jess and Eman

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