Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Let them Play

"It is easier to build strong children
than repair broken men."

I wholeheartedly embrace this quote. It makes me think of beautiful thoughts I recently read.

My children are strongest when they sense they are secure, loved wholly, and are given the freedom to play unhindered by me or by restrictive toys. 

As soon as I cracked open the door to my children's room today to let in the morning light, Ava was declaring that she and her brothers were going to the beach. Sure enough, once breakfast was eaten and dishes put away, the children were off to put on their sunscreen, grab their beach towels, and relax by the ocean's edge.

Ava wore her brimmed hat to give her extra protection from the sun rays. Tai wore a superman swimsuit (he still has no clue who Superman is--all he knows is that he rescues people...and he can fly!). A.J. enjoyed ruffling everyone's towels.

From breakfast until lunch, this was their work. Squeal-filled beachside play. In my in-laws' living room.

I want to build strong children. I will throw myself into making them feel secure and loved wholly. 
I will protect their play and inspire their imaginations. 
I will encourage wonderings and guide them in wonder. 
I will wrap them warmly in Story.
I will ensure boxes are used for gifts and storage...not for their thoughts and beliefs.

It may be easier to build strong children; but I will not use that as an excuse to slack--it is all the more reason for me to be devoted to it, head, heart and soul.


Rachel said...

Love this...... every 'peace' of it.

Courtney said...

Thank you Rachel! Blessings, Courtney

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