Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Airplane

The Zimmerman kids have a love affair with airplanes that is decidedly planted in the the idea of one day flying airplanes...not in being a mere passenger. They get excited before each flight, but any of you who have flown with small children know the magic wears off about an hour after take-off. If you're lucky.
On ground, they play airplanes daily. And they all have incredibly keen eyes for spotting them in the sky. 
But tomorrow...and the next day...we will all be nice an cozy (read "trapped") in airplanes for a total of 16 hours. Domestic flights are a breeze, people. 
Think of us. Pray for us. 
We've always made it, but I can safely say I never look forward to it. Ever. 
But before I know it, we'll be back in that home we love--the with the favorite avocado tree and the magenta bougainvillea. 
So long from America! "See" you in Africa oh so very soon :)


W-S Wanderings said...

Another wonderful photo.

Oh. 16 hours. I once did a short flight with our then 3 children, with the youngest being 12 months old. So,'re in my thoughts.

Safest of travels...

Courtney said...

Well, if you did that flight ALONE, i'd say you definitely earned your flying with young children badge!

suzy said...

Your photos are just magical!
Wishing you all the very best on your journey to beautiful Africa :)

Courtney said...

suzy, thank you! we've made it safe and on to adjust to the new sleep/wake cycle :)

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