Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Art of Self Care

I have loved reading the recent blog posts over at Are So Happy, and I just had to share my own thoughts on Kyrie's most recent post about the art of self care. This is something I have been pondering for a year now. I could say a lot about it.

Below are two photos of something that nourishes me deeply... so much more than that extra cup of coffee or that unnecessary hour browsing the internet or even that lovely hot shower (though since being back in the States I guarantee you I have savored every one!).

Being in God's wonder full creation...whether in the woodlands where light takes on a magical life of its own

or by the soothing sounds and rhythms of the ocean

or in my heart's home...the mountains (the rocky kind). (Sorry, no photos yet...we're visiting Colorado next month!)

Though spending time outside by myself is a top-notch self-care experience, enjoying God's creation with my family refreshes me greatly.

Whether it is back in Uganda or here in the States, getting outside...even if it's simply in the yard to hear the leaves rustling and smell the scents of the one of the most effective ways I take care of myself in the midst of motherhood.

And the outdoors is often where I really enjoy my children! Now, I actually like my children a lot, and we have plenty of wonderful moments inside our house. But there is something about those times outside--the special moments seem to be magnified there. So in a very tangible way my self-care time often turns to family-care time.

It's beautiful.

Of course this alone doesn't keep me in tip-top mother shape, but it helps. A lot.


Kyrie said...

Yes, absolutely yes! And moods can turn around so quickly once I get my little ones out the door :)

Leon @ Organically Thought said...

Beautiful post! Helped humble me and renew my gratitude for our awesome Creator! Thanks for letting Him speak through you!

Organically Thought

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