Saturday, May 7, 2011

Farm Friday: May Showers Bring...

May flowers!

 And beautiful flowering grasses!

And butterflies in all sizes, colors and patterns (that would not rest long enough to be photographed...)

Last Friday, in honor of May Day, we set out with the intention of photographing nature's spring beauties. We did a little of that,

and then we got side-tracked.

Ava and Tai discovered the "moat" of water surrounding the vegetable gardens.

Did you notice "Jessie Flower" riding calmly on Ava's back? 

I guess you could say we ended up enjoying May's flowers and her showers. And that should not be surprising if you have followed this blog for any length of time :). 
We have a thing for water...and mud.

For more Farm Fridays, visit Wabi-Sabi Wanderings. I really enjoy this gal's writings!


sarah in the woods said...

beautiful, sweet pictures.

W-S Wanderings said...

SO beautiful (as always)- the moments and the photos. I am convinced that water and mud are essential elements in raising happy healthy children! And to live where you do can only grow deep reverence for it. Such profound lessons in those showers.

And many thanks for the kind words (*blush*). Really, you can't imagine how your comment lifted my spirits, because lately I feel that my written words have simply up and left on a lengthy vacation. I do hope they are somewhere grand, and come back soon - rested and ready to roll!


thezsfamily said...

Sarah, thank you :)

Wabi Sabi, my written words have taken unannounced vacations too. It is frustrating, especially when you know THEY ARE OUT THERE SOMEWHERE! rest assured, though, that no one feels their absence quite like you do. And you're better at "covering it up" than you think :) Yes, they will return. Vacations are fun, but home is best!

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