Saturday, March 12, 2011

Farm Friday in Uganda

I had a spectacular idea for this Farm Friday.
I began writing it in my head several days ago.
But right now the only thing my head has room for is whatever it is that causes your eyeballs to feel like they're popping out of the sockets. I think some call it sinus pressure. That just sounds way too innocent to me. Sinus pressure? Okay, then. I have sinus pressure.
Once my eyeballs...and nose...and the rest of the front half of my head...feel normal again, I will write out my spectacular Farm Friday. Except it won't be Friday anymore. But that's a detail, and you'll forgive me for it.
In the meantime, read the How We Live: Water post. It could be considered farm-y somehow I'm sure. If you've already read it, alas. You'll just have to wait for my spectacular non-Friday Farm Friday.

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