Monday, February 28, 2011

How We Live: Housing

Once again, for the curious:

Apparently, I'm blind. I can't seem to find any photos of the outside of our house! And I'm not about to just take a photo now... it is dry season, after all. Which means our compound (yard) is far from photogenic. Sorry.

But I can show you some unique aspects of how we live... starting with our floors. They're concrete.

These floors require daily sweeping and mopping, and the wearing of arch-supporting, cushioned shoes (unless you're okay with having back pain). They're not the best for babies who want to learn to crawl... or walk for that matter... since they're not forgiving toward little knees or the ka-booms that walkers-in-training inevitably experience. But it's great for potty training! Little accidents are not a problem to clean up. 

Next, let's talk about windows. Our windows are screen, without glass. There are wooden shutters that must be closed up when the house is vacant or during rain storms or (for security) at night in the kids' room.



Each bed is outfitted with a mosquito net to keep peaceful sleepers malaria-free.

note the closed window in the background

We have open shelving. This eliminates dark corners for cockroaches to do their thing. I hate cockroaches. Hate, hate, hate, hate, HATE.

The single-most important aspect of our house right now is our screened-in porch. Unlike the floors and windows, this feature is not common here. But we are ooooooohh sooooooo thankful for it during this squelching weather. As you can see, we've even moved our couches out there. Basically, this is where we live in the evenings right now.

The one couch is currently missing a cushion because it is being used as a bridge/ship/slide/spaceship

You can also see in this photo that our roofs are made of corrugated tin (fancy, I know :)), and our houses are made of brick. The process of making bricks is a post unto itself! For now, I'll just say I find it fascinating.

And, one more view of what our English friends call our conservatory (note the boys' "tool table," and our beloved avocado tree laden with ripening fruit, right outside:

In our house, we battle against rats and bats and mosquitos and cockroaches and, occasionally, some pretty gruesome spiders. But somehow, we manage to (for the most part) find peace and refreshment inside these walls. We live simply, but we are very thankful and happy for this home. 

If you have any questions about how we live, leave a comment. I need some ideas on what to write about next in this series of How We Live!


Matt & Wanda said...

You need to talk to my wife. We have a beautiful shot of the front of your home.

thezsfamily said...

Perfect! :)

Cove Red said...

Love those paper lantern-like lights. They make me happy. Thanks for sharing your world with us! Reading your blog lights up my sometimes-dreary city life! Believing for rain alongside you, Rachael Teo

thezsfamily said...




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