Tuesday, February 8, 2011

How We Live: Cooking

For the curious:

For break (mid-morning tea and snack, really) and lunch every day, we use an "esigiri"with charcoal to cook.

The esegiri heats the water and milk for chai.

Some days we eat bread with our chai. Other days we roast groundnuts. Especially when they're warm, these puppies put peanuts to shame.

 We also cook our daily lunch--beans and posho or rice--on the esegiri. I do have a cooker (stove), and I use that for my "western" cooking. It's gas, but homes obviously don't have gas lines out here. So cookers are run by gas bombs (gas canisters) that we purchase at petrol stations (gas stations) in Kampala. 

Sometimes, though, these can be rare. Like many aspects of life here, we can either fret in these situations or trust that it will...somehow...all work out. And it usually does. 

And that, friends, is how we cook!


W-S Wanderings said...

And I thought our old cookstove was quaint. Sheesh. This is AWESOME! You are teaching me about a whole new world here. Thank you!

thezsfamily said...

My pleasure! Isn't it wonderful to hear about other ways of life? I love it... hence my appreciation for YOUR blog.

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