Friday, February 25, 2011

Farm Friday in Uganda

I'm amazed at all that can happen on this farm of ours even during these scorching hot (and dangerously dry) months. Rather than giving you a long-winded explanation, how about some photos with brief captions?

Mango flowers have given way, and the tiniest mangoes begin to peep through the thick canopy

Clearing land for farming begins with deciding which trees should stay, and which trees should be brought down. This one, sadly, had to go. It was brought down one ax stroke at a time... 
A cactus tree at the edge of one of our fields. 
Note: If you happen to find yourself cutting one of these down, please wear protective goggles. One drop of the sap can cause blindness.

I add this photo to remind myself that even though it feels like God is blowing me with a God-sized hair dryer every time the wind blows--even though it feels like our nostrils will forever be filled with dust--we do live in the tropics. We live in the place of bananas and papayas and lemongrass and pineapples. And the rain will return. It will.

And this photo I add to remind me of the wonder of dreams fulfilled. And of receiving--and living--far more than I could have ever imagined. This guy, this place, this life... I dreamed of it all. But I never dreamed it could be this good. In many ways hard, but oh. so. good!

If you want to see windows into life on other farms in this world (like I do!), please visit this blog.


W-S Wanderings said...

This leaves me at a loss for words. SO beautiful. So...expansive. To farm on such lands MUST be a dream. A dream realized. You and your gorgeous family are so blessed!

thezsfamily said...

Thank you! It is a blessing, and I'm trying to be more consciously thankful. It's been surprisingly powerful when I take the time to think about how thankful I am!

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