Thursday, January 20, 2011

Precious water.

Water. I am grateful my children are learning the preciousness of water. I am grateful that even now they know water doesn't flow freely and endlessly and somehow magically from various spouts around the house. Unfortunately, the hottest times of the year, when my children would love to play (endlessly) in tubs of water, we must conserve the most fiercely. But they understand. When we lift the cover of our cistern to draw water for washing clothes, they notice if the water level is high or low. Right now it's dry season.
I find myself getting somewhat critical at the carelessness with which people in the States treat water. I know, not the right response. After all, when we're visiting the States, I have a very hard time removing myself from the massage-like hot shower! The washing machine and dishwasher turn into my idols :). But after a month or so in America, I once again find the limitation of water here (in Africa) a blessing. I don't necessarily wish for it, but I am truly grateful for it. For what it is teaching me...and my children: Our natural resources are not endless. We are to be as good stewards of these limited, precious resources as we are of our bank accounts and "possessions." We were not given the authority to dominate this earth. It was not given to us to use at our whims and for our insatiable pleasures. We were given authority to care for the earth, to cultivate the earth, to, yes, be blessed by the earth--but with the understanding that what we sow we will also reap.
So, please, when you turn on that tap, say a prayer of thanks. And remember to turn it off.

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