Saturday, December 25, 2010


Several months ago we "took on" the care of two donkeys. It was clear that sometime in the future there would be a third. About a month ago we renamed the donkeys "Mary" and "Joseph," donkey would come sometime around Christmas.
Well, yesterday, Christmas Eve, dear Mary was braying a lot. As in, I pleaded with her (out loud) to please stop.  Especially when it or two this morning. Right outside my bedroom. I should have had a tad more sympathy, because during our Christmas breakfast today, our friend Joseph (not the donkey) came to tell us that Mary had given birth! All that braying must have been as a result of the labor pains. Poor Mary! She had to push out a baby with four sharp hoofs!
We all raced outside (in pajamas) to see the baby. Our baby donkey was born in the wee hours of Christmas day! Talk about a beauty to behold. This is what we saw:

So. What do you think we named baby? Don't worry, it's not "Jesus"! Besides, it's a she anyway. So her name is "Noel." And her mama loves her so!

Poor ol' Joseph isn't allowed within five feet of little Noel. And he isn't allowed near the food either! Mary is (understandably) quite hungry. 
Talk about a sweet Christmas gift! This was far better than the gifts under the tree.

Today we are pondering the miracle of birth. Today we are celebrating the coming of the Light into the World. May Light shine in your life today!

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