Friday, December 31, 2010

The Party

Though a few of Tai's friends were away, we had a party anyway. Parties here are not elaborate and, therefore, not a stressful to prepare for. So glad I'm not even tempted to "keep up with the Jones" in this! Knowing me, it would scare me into inaction, and my children forever have "family celebrations." I don't do well with outside pressure. I wish I were different. I'm growing, but fact is fact: I freak out if I'm feeling pushed to do something I'm not ready or wanting to do. Like mother like son, I guess! (See below post)

Back to the point: We had a party, a simple party, which consisted of a simple craft,

a "sweets search" to fill up the birthday basket,

50 cent masks,

and (of course) cupcakes and popcorn.

The end. Oh. I colored a rockin' "Happy Birthday Tai" sign in colored chalk on the walls of our screened-in porch. It didn't matter that none of the kids could read it because it looked great! (but no photo)

Here are some photos of Tai's friends in disguise:

Here's one of my snowman blowing out the candles on his not-so-pretty cupcakes:

They may not look pretty, but they taste scrumptious. Have a bite!



Crysti & Jerome said...

Happy birthday tai!! It's wonderful that you guys had such a fun party with minimal stress! And don't worry...the jones's have nothing on you :-)

chassafrass said...

thank you for keeping this blog up! i've known of New Hope for a long time and it's so awesome to see a personal view of it! beautiful writing and photos :D

thezsfamily said...


you're welcome, and thank you for the kind words. it's always good to know people are reading...and appreciating!


A.S. said...

Just had our first party for our daughter... and I appreciated your words today as I too fight the urge to be any more fancy than we actually are :) I miss you, friend.

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