Tuesday, October 5, 2010

We're all set for Christmas... hee haw!

Maybe you remember me introducing two new neighbors... the donkeys. Shawn's pet project at the moment. Well, the time has come. Shawn has transitioned from befriending the donkeys to training them. This past weekend he mounted the male for the first time.

The young lady in the photo is Angel, Shawn's current Investment Year student intern. She's been brushing and feeding the donkeys regularly, but she'll leave the riding up to Shawn :)

So, like I said, we're set for Christmas! If only Joseph had been the one to ride the donkey and Mary were the one to lead... because I'm very okay with NOT being the one on the donkey. I have a couple months, though, so who knows! Maybe Shawn will make me a side saddle (if you didn't follow that last comment, maybe you didn't know that I have to wear a long skirt every single day of my life here. Yes, I definitely label that as true sacrifice!). Hee haw!

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