Saturday, September 11, 2010

New Hope Stallions!

Can you guess which sport these guys play?

How about now?

If you're right! Obviously, basketball is a relatively new sport here. For the tournament yesterday, the guys threw on soccer jerseys (and soccer socks). But they had a great coach!

This was our second ever basketball tournament, and this time it was held at New Hope Academy. Many of our fans had never before seen a proper game of basketball. Our own team was mesmerized as they watched the other (more seasoned) teams play.

It took us two games to warm up :). But our third game we shined. See, we have no problem with getting air under our shoes. These kids can jump!

We have to work more on, well, shooting. And defending without fowling. But at least we have the jumping part down!

It was a good day for basketball. It won't ever be as popular as soccer, but it is definitely becoming a respectable runner-up. HOOPS!

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