Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Great Debate

For those of us who have seen the light, there is no debate. That dilemma was solved the first moment we popped open a can of Sprite and sipped the sparkles through heaven's red straw. Red Vines. One of life's purest pleasures. Okay, not pure... but definitely simple. A delightfully child-like wondrous pleasure. Can you see the drool all over this post?
I've been told it's a "California thing." Well, in that case, this is one instance where "the California way" truly takes the trophy. As for that other so-called red licorice candy... Twiz-what? Plastic. Pure...plastic. There is no debate!

On my birthday my friend Alair made a great sacrifice. She surrendered an entire 1 lb. bag of Red Vines (fresh from America) to one very wide-eyed, speechless gal. I couldn't resist. I ripped open the bag. I shared the love with a few special friends, my children, NOT my husband (he does not share my beliefs in the finality of the Great Debate between Red Vines and its much lesser--and very distant relative--Twizz____. Sorry, I can't say the name).
Back to my 1 lb. bag of Red Vines. Well, it's far from 1 lb. now, 5 days after I made contact with it. Trufully, it's more like a quarter of a pound. My prediction is that by the end of the week it will have fully vanished into the abyss...of my stomach. That knowledge will not slow me down! I will eat with ferver, passion, sweetest intensity until that blessed bag is e-m-p-t-y!

So thank you, Alair, for your sacrifice. Thank you, Wanda, for allowing me to express my devotion to the Great Red Vine via Facebook chat. Our conversation was my inspiration.

If you share my love, please say "Amen!" :)

Okay, I'm getting down from my soapbox now.


Joy said...

Amen :)

And thanks for your sweet excitement with us on our happy Wait-List-news!! I love visiting your blog :)

Mike Kelly said...


I'm going to link to this post on our Red Vines facebook page.


-Mike Kelly
Consumer Communications Manager
American Licorice Company (makers of Red Vines)

thezsfamily said...

Apparently i'm singing to the choir! :)

Jess said...


You know I share this love with you!

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