Saturday, July 24, 2010

The "Plan"

The "plan" was to leave Monday for Jinja. We would spend three nights, and on Tuesday Shawn would spend a day at the Jinja Farm Show making connections, gathering information and purchasing seeds, etc. for the farm. Then the bombings happened, and we stayed put an extra day. Everyone was on edge. Everyone was making phone calls to make sure all "their people" were okay. We didn't know anyone personally who was injured or killed, but we know several people who were "supposed" to be there or who left just minutes before the tragedy occurred. One person we know put it well: a crazy mixture of sadness and relief. But we are all too aware that for many people, there were no feelings of relief. Just sadness. I wish I could say I can imagine how the relatives and friends of those who died feel. But, in truth, I can't. How do I appropriately express my condolences? Up to now, I cannot think of a way. "Sorry," "tragic," all the words that pop into my mind fall miserably short. What more can I say?

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