Saturday, April 24, 2010

Improv Birthday...S'mores?

We are always thrilled when Baguma comes home from school. Though we have to share him with the many people who love him, we try to finagle as much time with him as we can!

This past week, Baggie turned 22, so when he showed up at our door yesterday, we scrambled for a way to celebrate. We had no baked goods in the house. But we did have chocolate and marshmallows... no graham crackers... but there were those treasured Ritz crackers my in-laws had sent.... Can you guess the outcome? Oven-baked s'mores on Ritz crackers!

All that really mattered was that Baggie blew out his first ever birthday candle.

If only this were a video rather than a photo, you'd see that right after this, the candle fell over and lit the napkin on fire. Fun times! The occasion was definitely more memorable than the actual s'mores. But hey! Improvising is a learned art.

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