Monday, April 5, 2010

A Great Good Friday

These two have known each other for a long time (relatively speaking, of course). They both arrived at our Hope House around the same time. As infants they even shared a bed.

On Good Friday, we were privileged to celebrate Silas' official adoption into the Brown clan, one of our favorite families (it's the irresistible English accent :-) )!

How did we celebrate? Naturally, with a large blow up pool,

treasure hunt,

and a balloon-making contest!

In that fabulous pool, Tai remembered his fervent love for the water

and chose only to get out when he wanted to get a running start for an extra big splash.

Ava enjoyed the pool, but she didn't want to get her princess hat wet.

AJ was content to observe all the fun, but Kathryn couldn't resist giving him some love tickles.

Silas, CONGRATULATIONS! We think you're terrific.

Steve, Kathryn, Joel, and Anya, CONGRATULATIONS! We love you all dearly. Thanks for letting us celebrate this special day with you.

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