Monday, February 8, 2010

Little Shadows

We'll call him "John" for the sake of this blog. John is a 12 year old who looks like he's 10, but the giant smile he wears is plenty big enough to make up for his small size. We've known him for about 2 months now, and we grow to appreciate him more every week. We first met him when he approached Shawn about working during the holidays to earn money for school. Now that school is starting up again, he plans to work a couple hours in the evenings. John does not attend New Hope--he goes to another school about 2 miles away--so he doesn't have the luxury of having his schooling expenses paid for. John takes care of our chickens and pigs, collects water, and pitches in to help in whatever other way Shawn asks of him. But what we love most about John is his relationship with our kids. He loves Ava and Tai. Wherever he goes, they follow like little shadows. Especially our dimpled chunker :-). Tai thinks John is better than peanut butter toast (and he loves his peanut butter toast!)--he laughs and dances and tackles and runs with John from the time he shows up at our house until the moment John leaves to go back to his. We love to give work to people like John--we believe he has so much to offer this world.

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