Monday, January 18, 2010

Today's Harvest

Pictured below: Papaya, green peppers, and beets.

Please note: for those of you who wrinkle your nose at the sight or thought of beets, you just haven't tasted a beet truly prepared well! Mom, this includes you. And Dad, well, you're just too stubborn to ever allow yourself to succumb to the pleasure of enjoying a beet! To the rest of you, boiled and canned beets cannot compare to a roasted beet marinated in oil and vinegar. Each amazing bite makes the next day's pink you-know-what worthwhile!


Gary said...

I resemble that~

Rach said...

Catching up on your blog!
Well put about beets! I have been along time fan - didn't like them as a kid b/c I had only had them out of a can and when I got to culinary school I became obsessed! (nickname my first two years in culinary school was the beet lady!) I think they are THE BEST!!

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