Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Meet AJ (Asher Jon Jethro Zimmerman)!

We met this happy boy on October 30. It was a whirlwind visit...how do you "choose" your child? Aidah the social worker gave us a tour of the baby house, and we met many many darling children and babies. Some of them had families preparing to adopt them, but several did not. From there, what do you do? We weren't expecting any flashes of lightening or electrifying connections, but knew everything would...somehow...work out. The first time we saw AJ, one of the house "mothers" was holding him as he waited for his lunchtime bottle. It was a dark room, making it difficult to see him, but we could tell his was a bit skinny and smiling. I (Courtney) held him for a couple minutes, then Shawn got a turn. We looked at each other and said, "This baby needs a family, and we have that!" And that was the beginning with our journey with then-called Jethro.
The first thing to do was get him tested for HIV and sickle cell. Then an ad was put in the newspaper asking anyone with information concerning his relatives to contact the baby house. Little AJ was abandoned in someone's yard, so we know nothing about his biological family. But we do know that his mother wanted LIFE for him, or she would have done what many mothers do here: throw him in a pit latrine or river. Praise God that she chose life for him!
The two-week deadline for responding to the newspaper ad has come and gone, which means we can bring him home soon!!! On Monday, November 30th we throw a "Thank You" party for the 50 people who took care of AJ for the past 3 months, and then we BRING HIM HOME.
We've only spent a handful of 3-hour visits with him, but we are in love.
Quick stats: weight--12.8 lbs (roughly); height--don't know; birthdate--June 30th (a guestimate on our part)


bear said...

Cutie! Congratulations on your growing family. :) bear

Lindsay said...

oh my goodness! congrats!!!!

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