Monday, May 18, 2009

May Update--a tribute to the letter F

Foreign Staff

Our Family at Bujagali Falls

It’s Monday—our last Monday here at New Hope before boarding a plane. We won’t be back until October 1st. That means four months of eggs, animals, gardens, and crops to be accounted for. It’s been busy. But we have also enjoyed a wonderful month, one that is keeping us motivated and optimistic in the face of a large to-do list.

Foreign Staff Retreat

We spent four days in Jinja for our third annual foreign staff retreat. Though vacation with small children is hardly restful, we appreciated the quality time with our fellow westerners to re-group and re-focus. A highlight of the weekend was talking personally with the speaking couple, who spent thirty years as missionaries in Latin America. They were full of encouragement and wisdom. Thank you, George and Donna!

Field Trip

For the past few months, the current MK teacher, Allison, and I have been taking the Samuel Family girls into the village to help a widow caring for several grandchildren. During one of our visits this grandmother mentioned that she wanted a kitchen; so last week all of Samuel Family, Allison, Shawn, and a couple visitors began to build. It won’t be fancy—only a mud hut with an iron sheet roof—but I have no doubt she will be grateful. My greater hope, however, is that our children will experience the joy of helping someone more in need than themselves. Please pray that this project finds its way into their hearts. 


Shawn is having a lot of fun with the farm these days. We’re preparing to build a second pig house, because our first one has filled up. We’ve also planted some experimental cocoa trees. A week ago Shawn brought home a few cocoa pods—an experience you can read about on our blog (see "The Mystery Bean"). Though we’re sad to leave when so many aspects of the farm are beginning to get momentum, we are excited to have specific projects to promote during out time in the States.


Ava is full of hilarious comments right now. Nothing escapes her notice! If I go away for even 10 minutes, I return to a full report of the happenings during my absence—down to “Papa fed me a spoon of oatmeal.” Tai loves to tackle. He tackles his sister, his friends, anyone who dares cross his path if he’s in the tackling mood. What he needs to learn now is that not everyone enjoys that kind of contact!

So, if you think of it, pray for us in the coming days. At times it is overwhelming to think about being confined to four seats on an airplane for 14 hours with a 2 ½ and a 1 ½ year old. Plus, we’re all battling colds. Our spirits are high, though, as we think about seeing our family and friends. Ava talks mostly about America these days, so we are excited to show her her other home and introduce her to many of you! Those of you who met Tai when he was a newborn will laugh at how big he has become J. He even laughs like a “big man.” 

See you soon!


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