Sunday, April 19, 2009

April Update--Simple.

I run the same route every time: down the three roads that lead to the back side of the farm. The first road takes me off New Hope property just long enough to pass by two lonely mud huts. The two little boys living there are too young to have learned much English in school, and the mother’s English is more basic than my Luganda. But that doesn’t stop us from interacting. When I pass by, we always greet and occasionally engage in a conversation of part broken English and part broken Luganda. A few weeks ago, she extended her kindness further by offering me a container of fresh milk. When you understand how the many months without rain compromised the supply of milk in the area, you realize that her gift was precious indeed--an offer of friendship. I returned the gesture by delivering a dozen eggs from our own chickens, many still warm. I couldn’t think of a gift more appropriate or one I would rather give. I was proud of our eggs just as she was of her milk, and both were a gift of sacrifice. This is one of the things I have come to love most about living here in Uganda: the excitement hiding in the small things, the simple things. 

Here on the farm we’ve had many small excitements this month: We celebrated when our 20 chickens laid their first eggs--they now lay about 15 per day. Ava danced and shouted when Shawn and Emma brought four more goats into our herd. And we ALL danced when the rain came...just in time. Our citrus orchard is growing well, our jatropha plants are spurting new life, our fish are eating well, and our maize is looking absolutely beautiful. The cassava is planted, the pineapple is weeded, and the pasture grass is cut. Enterprise workers seem happier than ever--they’re excited too! The farm is full of life.

Now that Tai actually enjoys walking, he often prefers “helping” Shawn and the others in the oh-so-yummy dirt or meandering off to wherever he sees animals. Two days ago Tai was in the chicken house holding a shockingly calm chicken like a baby! Ava, on the other hand, still prefers helping Mommy; though sometimes the dirt is too irresistible even for her.

And with that I will end this simple update. 


“But you, O LORD, are a shield about me, my glory, and the lifter of my head.” Psalm 3:3

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