Monday, March 3, 2008

College Friends

I love the fact that I still stay in touch with my group of college friends. 
There are 8 girls who continue to email, and it has been a blast! Amongst us there are 4 children: 3 boys and one lucky girl. The most amazing part is that three of us had our babies within 5 days of each other. I promise we didn't plan it that way! Tai was born first, on December 27th; little Gracie was born second, on December 29th; and Josiah took his time, finally arriving just minutes after his parents kissed in the new year. 
A few times a year, everyone who is able gets together, usually in western Pennsylvania. This past weekend, only 5 of us were there, and only two babies, but I loved every minute of it! My roommate Liesel, mother of Josiah, and I enjoyed having "baby hogs" around :). Erica, Jess, and Sally told our little boys enough ego-boosting compliments to last them well into their teenage years! And even though the boys really had no clue about each other's existence, we had fun pretending they were already fast friends. Good times!
It was not easy saying good-bye even to people I only see a few times a year. No one likes good-byes. But I cherish each last hug, and no matter how brief, it will last me until I see them again.

College Friends
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