Monday, February 25, 2008

Dad, Kathy, and Hannes

I was afraid they wouldn't make it. 
The weathermen were saying two fronts were expected back to back, and the airport officials were threatening to close down the Philadelphia airport. I balled. This isn't fair, God! 
But God was good, and He was more than fair. Dad and Kathy both arrived without delay, and Hannes was able to make the drive up from Baltimore only with delays caused by GPS glitches :). 
The day was short but sweet. And sad.... Oh, and tiring at the end when Tai decided he didn't want us to eat our dinner without some of his personal crying/screaming entertainment! I don't want to talk about saying good-bye. But I wish that hadn't been their last impression of Tai! We don't have any pictures of that, so maybe it will be the picture-perfect cuddling times they remember. You should have seen Pops (Dad), Shawn and Tai driving down the lane in the pony cart! Hilarious. And cute. 

Pops, ChaCha & Hannes Visit
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